Last Updated: Dec 04, 2018 02:49PM PST

Note: You must cancel your reservation by May 23, 2019 to avoid a penalty of one night's room rate plus tax. Please refer to your hotel confirmation email for the exact policy.

To cancel your reservation:
  • Visit the E3 Hotel Reservation Website, select "Modify Existing Reservation", and enter your confirmation number, email address, and zip/postal code. Once you arrive at the Reservations Details page, click “Cancel Reservation” in red. To confirm your cancellation, choose a cancellation reason and click “Cancel Reservation”.
  • You may call the E3 Support Center at 800-804-4337 (Toll Free U.S. & Canada) or at +1(415) 979-2295 (all other countries) Monday – Friday, 9 am – 9 pm Eastern Time.
  • You may send us a message through the E3 Hotel Support Center.
  • You may fax your changes to (415) 293-4072.